Approval of the new Chair

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Approved the creation of the new DOTS Chair - Development of Organizations and Healthy Territories, directed by Isabel del Arco, coordinator of EDO-UdL.

This university-company chair, led by Professor Isabel del Arco, coordinator of the EDO-UdL, is made up of researchers and teachers of the Faculty of Education, Psychology and Social Work (FEPTS) and Faculty of Nursing and Physiotherapy of The UdL, among which is also the member of the EDO-UdL Patricia Silva. Also, it has the support of the Catalan Council of Sport (INEFC) which brings € 20,000, the County Council of Lleida that made an initial contribution of € 10,000 to establish the basis of the chair, Avant-Mèdic and DKV, between of others.

Its lines of action are related to healthy lifestyles, educational and health care for vulnerable groups, the development of efficient organizations and innovation. Thus, the main objective of the Chair is to promote actions that promote healthy lifestyles among the population of the territory and analyze the development of organizations that intervene in different fields related to health and education in the territory, to act in training processes and thus improve its efficiency. All this involves putting the focus of attention on actions promoting health, prevention, promotion of physical activity, healthy nutritional habits, emotional attention, etc.

The chair is organized into structural axes that develop work areas related to a healthy lifestyle, educational-health care for vulnerable groups, the development of efficient organizations and innovation as a transversal axis. DOTS aims to be a training and research platform that focuses on the point of attention in the West and in the promotion of healthy lifestyles.

During the past year, a series of training and research activities were carried out, among which the projects were highlighted: "Elderly people and recreational and health spaces, Backpacks and primary education", "What is read at school? Health readings and readings in the schools of Lleida city "," HADES, self-diagnosis tool for healthy schools ". In addition, there were several publications on the subject, among which the Monographic is highlighted: "The school as a Healthy Organization" in the magazine Fòrum - Magazine of Organization and Educational Management. More than 10 final master's and degree works on the subject, participation in various national and international scientific meetings linked to the theme and the realization of the I DOTS Conference at the UdL, which had the participation of more than 250 professionals and experts from the territory.

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