ALFIRK – Collaborative Networks for Migrant Parent Empowerment (VG-SPS-BY-15-36-013882)

Finantial Entity: 
European Commission (Erasmus +)
September 2015 to September 2018

ALFIRK has as a purpose to tackle school abandonment especially among immigrant youngsters through an empowerment work with their families promoting Exchange of good practices and transferring knowledge between them. The creation of support networks between families will help to reduce the barriers that stop them from being empowered, like their lack of knowledge about how to interact with schools, lack of informal support, imbalance of power relations with schools, cultural differences and other difficulties that block their participation in the decision making processes and school activities.

The short term objectives are:
- Creating cross-wise networks of immigrant families’ empowerment in the participant countries.
- Preparing the best situation to create networks of empowerment in the rest of the countries.

The long term objectives are:
- Helping the expansion and continuance existence of networks that have been established.
- Developing networks in non-participant countries.

Global Budget: €135,939.00
UAB Budget: €17,931.00

Project members: 

Luis Quintana Trias (UAB), Miquel Essomba i Gelabert (UAB), Friedrich Heckmann (EFMS, Germany), Claudia Koehler (EFMS, Germany), Bistra Ivanova (Multi Kulti Collective, Bulgaria), Gerard Baars (Risbo, Holland), Tomislav Tudjman (Risbo, Holland), Andrew Slade (Leeds Beckett University, UK), Michalis Kakos (Leeds Beckett University, UK), Isabelle Chopin (Migration Policy Group), Helena Van Aelst (Migration Policy Group), Charles O'Regan (Economic and Social Research Institute, Ireland).

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