Access4All Conference: Call for papers

Seminars -

Until May 30th, the deadline for submission of abstracts is open. The best contributions will have two free nights for one of the authors.

Participants are invited to submit up to two abstracts of communications or posters. All proposals must be sent to Summaries may be related to scientific research and / or good practices in the field of the theme of the Day.

The conference, which will take place on June 26 and 27 in Bucharest (Romania), will allow participants to evaluate institutional policies and good practices developed by ES institutions in Europe to promote the social and educational inclusion of those groups of people less represented or unusual students. The day looks for four specific objectives:

- Presenting solutions and good practices for the phases that embrace access, permanence (and success) of vulnerable students and non-traditional students in the European Higher Education Institutions;

- Promote the Access4All Laboratory for the reflection and promotion of the social commitment of higher education institutions in relation to the most vulnerable student groups;

- Present the Access4All Toolkit, which presents solutions to improve the inclusion of higher education;

- analyze and discuss the reality and perspectives of inclusion in higher education, as well as promote the exchange of experiences and good practices to promote the social dimension of higher education

Based on the international comparison and case analysis provided by researchers and experts from six European countries, the conference will address one of the most important aspects of the Erasmus + program: "Promote equity and inclusion by facilitating access to disadvantaged students with fewer opportunities compared to its peers ".

It should be noted that the best contributions presented to the Congress, from institutions not linked to the ACCESS4ALL project, would have two nights of accommodation funded for the author they designate.

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