1st Conference of the Digital Humanities Network UAB

The group -

EDO-SERVICES presents the activities the group performs linked to the Creation and Knowledge Management.

For the first time, the Network of Digital Humanities of the UAB organized on the 18th and 19th of April a series of days to see the digital humanities and to show the projects being developed by the UAB research groups and centers in this field.

The days were a showcase of projects, as well as a space for reflection of what they are and where the Humanities Digitales go. Attention was also paid to experiences from other networks and associations of Digital Humanities and how to create collaborative links. Throughout the conference, new synergies were attempted, as well as establishing a framework for mutual understanding between the teaching staff and students of the Humanities Digital projects that are being carried out at the UAB.

Joaquín Gairín and Aleix Barrera participated in these days presenting the activities carried out by EDO-SERVEIS in the framework of the digitization of didactic guides and other materials for courses considered in the Blended Learning mode. Also, the strategies and techniques available to the service provision laboratory to promote the creation and management of collective knowledge through the application of its own model.

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