¿How are the rankings used on the institutional websites of universities?


Dissertation thesis by Omid Morad about the role of rankings in university marketing.

Omid Morad will defend the doctoral thesis entitled 'The role of ranking in the marketing of universities through their institutional websites' on Thursday, November 30th. The dissertation thesis has been led by Dr. Marina Tomàs and Dr. Georgeta Ion of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, framed within the Doctorate in Education.

The recent popularization of rankings in universities makes them become an emerging study topic. For this reason, this thesis tries to study the role of rankings in the marketing strategy of four metropolitan Catalan universities and how universities implement their international position through their website to answer the questions:

· How do universities use their position in rankings in marketing strategies to compete better?

· In what way the four Catalan universities highlight their positions in the rankings through their official website?

The general objective of this study is to find out the role of its position in the rankings through its official website to highlight its images among other universities, as the main instruments to compete in global markets.

The defense will take place in the Degree Hall of the Faculty of Education on Thursday November 30 at 12 noon. Thesis defense is open to the public who wants to be present.

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